Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Covered Slopes

Chase, Trent, Jacob, and Garrett (behind)
One of Trent's passions in life is skiing. So when there is a break in school the itch to ski usually drives us to Utah as it did this year again. As of last year we had all 5 kids up and skiing, now if we could just get them all on the same skill level we would be set. However, when that becomes the case I believe that I will be left behind. Jacob did great again this year, we thought maybe since he was a year older he might make it through the whole day. Nope at about 3pm on his way up the majestic lift he fell asleep again. This was a repeat from last year but I was not with them this year to get pictures. Trent had to slump his arms and head over his poles and ski him down the hill. This was quite amusing to others skiers on the hill. Carson has become our speeding bullet. Notice he has a helmet on. He has no fear and goes straight down the mountain. I spent day 2 chasing him and let his Uncle Michael chase him on day 3. Chase finally got to ski with poles this year. As soon as he masters those he will be caught up to the big kids. Garrett and Hailey started mogul school with Trent this year and both did very well. Garrett even followed Trent down several double black diamond runs. All in all we had a great ski trip.

Jacob out cold at the end of the day and a shot of him in ski school, Carson and Hailey pictured above. Me I am behind the camera of course.

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