Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Maddness??

March Madness alright, and I am not talking basketball. Although the upset of Northern Iowa beating Kansas last night will be talked about for the rest of the tournament. Poor Trent, the Jayhawks are his team, he had them down for winning the whole tournament.

This is what we woke-up to this morning!?!
It's March 21st, for Pete sake. So much for the first/second day of Spring.Our Peach Tree, and it just budded-out three days ago, I guess if it wasn't the snow the hail would have gotten it anyway. After all we got peaches this past summer and two years in a row would have been a miracle.Holy Snow Batman! Look how high that snow is, will ya. It's not like we live in the North here folks.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Many Faces of Jake

For Christmas this year we got all the boys a suit. Garrett really needed a new one, and all the little boys wanted a coat like Dad. So I broke down and said okay. We took these pictures back in January, recently I dumped them onto the computer and was going through them. Boy did I get a good laugh. You would think from looking at all the kids it is the same picture over and over, until you look at Jacob. I think his facial expression changes in every picture. Anyhow just thought I would share.

So without further ado...The Many Faces of Jake.

And we thought life was crazy before Jake. Now we know it was a little on the boring side. What would we do without Jake.