Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hailey is officially...

a teenager! On the 16th Hailey turned 13!! I totally forgot I had a blog and that I should post. One of the things she wanted was a cake from DiviniDee Cakes. My friend Dee Dee owns the shop her cakes are amazing. Here is Hailey and her amazing cake. (If you look closely there are little chocolate gymnasts all over the cake.)

Her Brothers could care less about the candles they were just ready to dig in.

The rest of the details included her favorite dinner of none other than....You guessed it chicken pillows, and of course presents!!

Happy Birthday Hailey, we love you.


  1. Hey Stephanie,
    Long time no see! I was excited to find your blog. Your kids are so grown up! And you added one. :) So did we, just last summer.(Makes 4 for us).
    It was nice to see you all!

  2. Happy Birthday Hailey!! This has nothing to do with Hailey, but it is funny. At the Christmas party (I think it was Chase but it could have been Carson, Keith was teasing one of them with their pinata candy. Chase said to Keith "Listen, I didn't come all the way from Texas to deal with this!" We laughed about it all the way home. Tell him I am sorry that Keith was harassing him, but that is what Keith does best. It was good to see your family.