Friday, January 8, 2010

Carter Family Christmas Party

The day after Christmas we drove up to Utah to ski on all the wonderful snow that nobody who lives there wants. While there we were able to go to the Carter Family Christmas Party. It was great to see all that were there as we haven't seen most of them for a good, oh let's just say 8 years or so.
John and Boston with the coveted candy dots from Walgreens.

Kimberly and her girls.

Skip's gang had their roof up and stable first I believe.

Part of the completed gingerbread neighborhood.

The kids had a great time making gingerbread houses, that is once we got the roofs to stay up. There were many ingenious way thought up to accomplish this. Once the houses were done we moved onto well....more candy of course. This brought back long ago memories for me. As I remembered a year when my Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Sue made two large Santa head pinatas for a family Christmas Party that we broke in my Aunt Bonnie's basement. It was fun to see our kids doing what we had done so long ago. Thanks Aunt Sue for your time and effort to put this together.

We had some little swingers...

some a little more dangerous swingers...
A line of waiting swingers...

And the big final swinger.
Candy candy candy!!
Kerrilyn to the rescue (Jacob wasn't quite so sure about the scrambling masses)

Garrett got a piece of the pinata (A tradition he and his cousins down inMexico have).

The halftime show.

And a few faces that I had never met. Little Mason and Jarod. Okay there were a whole lot more I had never met everyone under 8 would should be included, but I can't remember all their names. At least for the most part they all look like their parents so I knew who they belonged to.

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