Monday, August 22, 2011

Back in School

So today is the beginning of my next phase in life. My baby went to school today, I can hardly believe it. I secretly hoped that this day would never come. What will I do now you ask? I have no idea. Well anyhow enough about me, Garrett is a Junior this year (something else I can hardly believe), Hailey is a Freshman, Chase is in 5th Grade, Carson in 3rd and Jacob is in Kindergarten (all grown up).

My fantastic five all ready for school.

5th, 3rd and Kindergarten

Jacob and Ms. Carlo

Carson and Ms. Kennaugh

Chase and Mrs. Goldberg

Everyone came home happy and ready to go back to school tomorrow. And me well it is Monday and I am still working on the laundry :).

Oh and BTW in case you are all wondering why suddenly I have posted on my blog after all this time, well when they called Trent to be bishop they decided to release me as seminary teacher and now I have a little bit of time on my hands again.


  1. Wow they are all grown up. I have to say I see the most change in Hailey since I have seen you all last. She is no longer a little girl, but a beautiful YW. And Garrett sure is sprouting up. Great looking bunch. Now for that little vacation during the day of relaxing for a week, then I'm sure you will have many things to keep you busy.

  2. Love the new posts! Your family is amazing.